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Tiffany Style Lamps

The Tiffany style of design began in 1848 when Louis Comfort Tiffany was born in New York to a manufacturer of fine jewelry. Taking the skills he learned from his father, and using discarded pieces of glass used in windows from the factory, Tiffany began creating beautiful mosaic lamps. The eclectic nature of his lamps, forged with cast metal frames and filled with a rainbow of colored glass, was hailed throughout America and Europe as a new level of decorative art.

The grace and beauty of Tiffany style lamps can still be found in homes across the globe. There are still original Tiffany works in existence, but more easily obtained are the lovely replica versions that can be found on the Internet and in specialty stores. Luckily, the original molds of many Tiffany lamps were saved, so the age-old lost wax process can be used to recreate the artist's original designs.

Use the pages contained in the Tiffany Lamps Zone to help make your choice towards the purchase of your very own Tiffany stained glass lamp. If you are looking for a high quality reproduction lamp, you have come to the right place. The Internet is one of the best places to find superiority in craftsmanship as well as great prices and discounts.

Shopping on the Internet can help you find suppliers that discount their products down to almost 50% off retail prices. Many Tiffany lamp sites provide full insurance with no cost to the consumer on all purchases. Thus, for price and peace of mind, as well as ease of delivery, our goal at Tiffany Lamps Zone is to provide you with a great place to start.

Tiffany Lamps Zone For Home, Office or Business
There is a Tiffany lamp out there for you! This is true whether you are a business owner looking to add some sophistication to your home, a restaurateur seeking an authentic air to your dining facility, or a homeowner who wants to redesign and add warmth and a special glow to your living room. The addition of a special Tiffany style lamp from a reliable replica supplier is a great move to make.

Use Tiffany Lamps Zone as a starting point for your search. For pubs and restaurants, authentic replica billiard table fixtures can make a pool hall or salad bar special. For the workers in your office, special table style lamps will increase appreciation and beauty; perhaps then they'll enjoy sitting at their desks!

The Legacy of L.C. Tiffany
L.C. Tiffany would be proud of his artistic legacy today. He died at age 85 after watching his art form storm homes across the world with their beauty and elegance. His work transcended the lamp form to include jewelry, stained glass windows, and helped Thomas Edison decorate the first electrically illuminated theater at the Lyceum Theater in New York City.

His work, and work inspired by his vision, has been seen in the houses of such noted historic figures as Mark Twain and Cornelius Vanderbilt, and can still be seen in rooms of The White House. In your search at Tiffany Lamps Zone for the ideal Tiffany product, remember this: you are buying not only a piece of art, but a functional heirloom, one which will be passed on from generation to generation. Make an educated decision using the pages here at Tiffany Lamps Zone, and may the lamps you choose light your home for years to come.


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